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MHz Technologies is a niche manufacturer’s representative and Technical sales consultancy specialising in RF, Microwave and Millimeter wave technologies. It is headed by Aftab Khan who has over 15 years experience in this field having worked at senior positions in various RF companies and successfully collaborated with leading technology companies across the world. Contact us for your technical needs.


Delivering cutting-edge RF, Microwave, and Millimeter wave technologies to empower global industries. We strive to drive innovation, enhance connectivity, and redefine possibilities in every sector we touch.


Empowering global connectivity through transformative technology solutions. Redefining possibilities and shaping industries for a brighter future. Driving tomorrow’s advancements with relentless innovation.

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NEL Frequency Controls

NEL Frequency Controls is a technology leader in the development and manufacture of leading edge frequency control products. Customers choose NEL to supply the optimal solution for applications requiring crystal oscillators with challenging performance specifications such as ultra low phase noise, ultra low power, and ultra high frequency capability. NEL’s research and product development efforts support next generation customer applications that push performance boundaries in system speed, bandwidth, resolution, accuracy, and power consumption. Our customers benefit from our broad, low cost product offering, which reflects globally competitive frequency control solutions. Customer technologists can rely on NEL for total technical support in selecting the best frequency control solution for their application.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing locations in the USA and the Philippines, NEL Frequency Controls’ manufacturing model provides the flexibility required to compete globally with its diverse product mix. Frequency control solutions of higher complexity are manufactured at NEL’s USA location, whereas higher volume, lower cost, less complex frequency control solutions are manufactured at NEL’s Philippines location. Both manufacturing locations operate under the same TQM policy with common systems design, process, and testing to ensure complete product integrity. NEL is a ISO 9001-2008 certified company and has a strong industry reputation for high reliability with its products.

Breakthrough Synchronized Crystal Oscillator, SXO
NEL’s synchronized crystal oscillator (SXO) technology offers significant performance advantages for high performance computing requirements. Parallel processing applications that require scalable synchronized clocking now have a better solution than the traditional clock distribution approach.

The Synchronized Crystal Oscillator provides:
• Frequency and phase synchronization among an unlimited number of clocks in an HPC timing architecture
• Redundancy—Eliminates the need for master clock resulting in no single point of clock failure risk
• Full scalability—Additional SXO’s can be added (synched) to an existing SXO ensemble
• Reduced system level jitter—Additive jitter associated with clock distribution is eliminated
SXO evaluation boards, white paper, and demonstrations are available upon request.

Lowest Phase Noise Solutions Available
NEL Frequency Controls can optimize crystal oscillator phase noise performance based on customer goals and requirements. Customers looking for a competitive advantage with their application’s phase noise performance will often choose NEL to help gain a performance advantage of -5 dBc/Hz to -10 dBc/Hz. Customers looking for low cost ways to upgrade existing designs and platforms turn to NEL for the flexibility of selecting varying levels of phase noise performance within a drop-in compatible package.


Paricon Technologies based in Taunton, MA in the USA designs, manufactures, and markets state of the art interconnect solutions for some of the fastest-growing applications in the electronics market. Through the years, we have invested heavily in proprietary product and process technologies that make things smaller, faster, and lighter than ever before. Our signature invention is the PariPoser® anisotropic elastomer fabric – a very thin interconnect that has a bandwidth up to 110GHz

Please download our presentation about the company

Linwave Technology

Linwave Technology designs and manufactures microwave and RF components and subsystems up to 94GHz in a seamless concept to finished product process. A full test and measurement capability extends to 94GHz and allows our manufacturing team to produce value added products designed to exceed customer expectations.

Linwave’s design team utilises state-of-the-art microwave simulation tools for circuit modeling and optimisation to provide the robust product solutions our customers demand.

A complete in house chip and wire assembly facility allows us to produce innovative products by utilising a chip and wire solution integrated with laminate based surface mount techniques.

AccuBeat Ltd

AccuBeat Ltd. is a leading designer and manufacturer of exceedingly accurate Frequency and Timing solutions and products suitable for Aerospace, Defense, Telecommunications, Research and other applications. Based on over 20 years of experience our patented Rubidium Atomic Clock or OCXO technology with optional GPS disciplining provide extreme frequency accuracy and stability, and time accuracy in the range of nanoseconds.

Ingenieurbüro Gronefeld

MHz Technologies is pleased to offer the world’s lowest phase noise Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (DROs) from Ingenieurbüro Gronefeld in Germany.

Applications: If you really want low phase noise! Including Defence, Research Institutes, Particle Accelerators.

The DROs are realised in customer specific frequency ranges between 1-10GHz and are available as modules for integration or as a desktop unit in 19 “technology with selected power supplies. Our GDRO2856 which is a 2.856GHz DRO has a noise floor of -180dBc / Hz with an output power of +18dBm with a jitter of <2fs (1kHz-10MHz) is available. The oscillators have been measured and verified by phase noise analysers from Anapico, Holzworth Instrumentation, R & S, NoiseXT ​​and have astonished experts.